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Important Objects
Important bracelet - Love Leaf

This bracelet is one-of-a-kind and should be handled with great care and affection. Instructions on how to care for your bracelet is enclosed in the box.

Handmade in Copenhagen.

All the stones are natural, and no two stones are alike. This means some stones may have have small bumps, cracks, unevenness or smaller chips. We strive to source the most beautiful stones that live up to our high standards and each stone in each bracelet has been through our hands, inspected lovingly and chosen by us. So should these variants occur in your bracelet please don’t regard them as ‘faults’ but merely the natural quirks and organic nature of these amazing, magical stones. We personally tend to favour the ones with visible characteristics as we regard them having a strong ‘personality’.

We recommend you use your bracelet as a personal talisman, evoking in you all your best aspirations, dreams and manifestations. Feel inspired by the various property descriptions assigned to the different beads. 

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