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Rudolph Care
Acai cleansing foam

Acai Cleansing Foam is a gentle and luxurious cleansing foam that effectively removes impurities, oils and bacteria from your face while delighting your senses with Rudolph Care’s mild and clean fragrance.

Acai Cleansing Foam is a product for those who seek deep cleansing and pampering in just one product. Witch hazel and purple coneflower effectively cleanse and combat impurities, while chamomile, aloe vera and acai deliver moisture and protection to leave your skin radiant without stripping its natural oils.

Acai Cleansing Foam is suitable for all skin types but is particularly effective for normal and combination/oily skin, and it is ideal for use in the shower.

Acai Cleansing Foam was nominated for the Danish Beauty Award 2014 in the category “Green Product of the Year”. 

100 ml.




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